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Bangabandhu Foundation Netherlands Branch

BANGABANDHU is, in fact, a namesake of Bangladesh. He created the concept Bangladesh for which millions shed blood in 1971. He was a born leader who could inspire his fellow countrymen and women with a dream. That dream was of an independent ‘Sonar Bangla’ (the Golden Bengal’). People rose to his call and finally got their heard-earned freedom. The fight for this freedom was led by him from thousand miles away as he was put in jail in West Pakistan.  The people of Bangladesh joined the war of liberation for freeing both occupied Bangladesh and its namesake Bangabandhu. This was indeed a journey ‘from darkness to light’ for him. And thus, began the journey of rebuilding a post-war Bangladesh literally from ashes. His tireless steady leadership began to yield results and the country began to move towards prosperity. But this journey was suddenly cut-off on August 15, 1975 when Bangladesh lost its greatest son in the hands of a few betrayers. They wanted to trash him and said ‘he was nobody’. Yet, the poets said the opposite. Even a global gallop poll conducted by the BBC Bangla service identified Bangabandhu as the greatest Bengali. Bangabandhu will be remembered for so many outstanding achievements in his life. The creation of Bangladesh will remain as his greatest success.

After 49 years of existence Bangladesh has entered into a new era, launching successfully its first communication satellite Bangabandhu-1 to earn Tk. 2.5 to 3 billion annually from the fast-growing world space market. Bangabandhu is not a mere individual. He is an institution, a movement, a revolution, an upsurge and architect of a nation. He is the essence of an epic poetry and part of the World History. This history goes back a thousand years. The future will call him the champion of eternal time and space. He will shine like the polestar and immaculate luminosity in the history. He will show path to the Bengali nation. The foundation of the existence of the nation is his dreams. A memory of him is the culture and society that Bengalis have sketched for them. The possibilities and the promises presented by him are the fountain—spring of the civilized existence of the Bengali’s.


Joy Bangla, Joy Bangabandhu,

David Rahman

Organizing Secretary

International Banglabndhu Foundation &
President, International Bangabandhu Foundation Netherlands Chapter
e-mail address: