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International Bangabandhu Foundation Sweden Chapter

Father of the Bengali Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was brave, intelligent and defendant from his student life. Bangabandhu brings victory to the Bengali nation – Gifted a word called ‘freedom’, along with a red green flag, the beloved national anthem ‘My golden Bengal, I love you’. He never tolerated injustice. “Every great dream begins with a dreamer …”. And this is always true in Bangabandhu. ‘Indrapat’, an article written by Annada Shankar Roy, is such an essay – so that certain parts of his private dialogue with Bangabandhu emerge, such as the dream of an independent country of Bangabandhu, his vision. In that year, Bangabandhu thought of the outline of an independent country called “Bangladesh”. In 1948, the movement to demand Bangla as the state language exploited. And Bangabandhu played a leading role in that movement. Bangabandhu gradually transformed this language-based movement into a country-based movement and Bangladesh is the name of his dream country. We see the continuity of the movement in 1966 when Bangabandhu submitted a six-point demand. This six-point demand was the evidence and foundation of liberation of the Bengali nation.

He sought the economic liberation of the hardworking people along with the independence – by creating a golden Bengal – which erupted in Bangabandhu’s March 7, 1971 call for independence, “Struggle this time is the struggle for our freedom. Struggle this time is the struggle for independence.” Historical essay on the independence war of Bangladesh, published by Newsweek (April 8, 1971), about the poet of politics, the architect of independence and the father of the Bengali nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

He is a poet of politics. Bangabandhu lives in his work, Bengali’s love, thought and consciousness, and will live forever in true implementation –

“Who said you were not, this is you – here,
Everywhere, all over Bengal –
This is in the red and green of Bengal
Our tears and love,
To raise our heads
And in the unfinished mantra of moving forward— ”


Joy Bangla, Joy Bangabandhu,

Engr. Mahfujur R. Bhuiyan


International Banglabndhu Foundation Sweden Chapter &
Presidium Member of  International Bangabandhu Foundation.
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